Divorce Time

Divorce can be a very difficult thing to go through. In many cases, both sides tend to play both sides against the middle. Both sides want to walk away the winner. Lies are told. Manipulations are coming left and right. Both sides want to have things go their way. This happens especially when money is at stake.

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You have one or both parties “claiming” they want to settle things amicably. This tends not to happen. Tensions run high. Heated emotions get in the way. What happens when kids are involved. You have the kids blaming themselves for things that are out of their control. The kids blame themselves, when it isn’t even their fault.


It tends to be rough.

Which is why it’s better to have an expert in divorce meditation¬†from http://auritmediation.com/ to help you these troubled times. Why? Follow me below, I will explain to you the advantages.

1) It’s going to cost less. Your time will be spent mostly in meetings, not court. Court costs during divorce will run very high. Spending your time in mediation is much more beneficial. You need to save your money for your kids education and other things they need. You also need to save your money for your own needs. Don’t waste time and money trying to run your partner into the ground. Remember, you two did once love each other. Try to salvage something.

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2)You will have control over things more. In court, the court makes most of the choices. In court you really don’t have a lot of control. During mediation you get a say in what happens. You get to decide what gets discussed and what doesn’t. If there is something too painful to talk about, mediation will take care of it. In court you won;t have this chance. In court you will have to bring up those painful moments, and at great expense to your emotional and mental state.

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3)Your mediator will work directly with you. You get that personalized attention, the attention you deserve to get. In court you won’t necessarily get that. Sometimes the judge can overrule something, leaving you spent.

4)The confidentiality is a lot stronger and secure. In court things get said. Sometimes personal information will get released, information you don’t want to be released. It’s rather unfortunate. Which is why mediation is the better way to go. What you say in mediation stays there. You have more control over what gets disclosed and what does not.


This is only a taste of why mediation is the better way to go. It;s up to you to decide. Ultimately, it comes down to your best interests. Each party, no matter what the other side has done, deserves the best results possible. Consider mediation. It will save you lots of pain and money. It will also protect the kids more, if you have sometimes. Courts won’t always consider the best interest of your kids, no matter what they tell you.